6-Way Base


A versatile seat base for easy transfer to and from the wheelchair inside the vehicle.

The BraunAbility 6-Way Base makes it easier to transfer from a wheelchair to a safe, stable and comfortable car seat inside a van. It allows you to move the driver seat backwards, rotate it and adjust it in height to bring the driver seat next to the wheelchair.

The BraunAbility 6-Way Base is crash tested and certified with the female seatbelt buckle integrated in the base. A foot rest that follows the lengthwise movement is available as an option.

key features

  • Easy to operate with only three toggle switches
  • Designed to eliminate sway and to provide complete stability
  • Blends well with the vehicle’s interior design
  • The original seat can be mounted on top of the 6-way base
  • Crash test approved in all driving positions
  • Available in both left and right models
  • Stylish cover to protect from accidental pinching