Duck Clutch

The 'Duck' semi-automatic clutch completely removes the requirement for left leg operation in a manual vehicle.

A small lever on the gear knob controls the clutch pedal allowing complete operation of the clutch for the driver.

Extremely suitable where an automatic version of the vehicle is not available. Although in essence manual, the 'Duck' is 'intelligent', being computer-controlled, and performs a true fly-by-wire control of the clutch; for instance knowing where the 'bitepoint' of the clutch is and automatically finding it on slight release of the lever.

Full clutch control is performed extremely naturally.

Key Features

  • Hand only gear change
  • No modifications to original vehicle parts
  • Vehicle can be driven conventionally
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Compatibility Info

The Syncrodrive Semi-Autonatic clutch system is not suitable for all vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements & conformation of suitabilty for your vehicle

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