Joey lift

Platform lift for easy stowing of a mobility device.

Stowing made easy.
Drive onto the platform, step off and push a button on the remote control. Your mobility device will now be lifted into the vehicle and safely stowed until needed. It’s as simple as that.


All work and no play.
The idea is for you to do as little as possible and let the Joey Lift do all the hard work, but Joey is by no means a dull boy. It will safely lift, stow/retrieve and your mobility device and even light up the dark for you. It will do all this for you without any modifications made to your mobility device.


Mount Up & Roll Out!
Boarding the platform at the back of the vehicle where space is ample, makes loading and unloading easy. Just drive onto the platform from either side and park your mobility device. The built in wheel chocks will provide stability while you disembark.


Just push the button.
You don’t have to do anything. No lifting, no steering heavy loads into position and no awkward positions. Just take a step back and watch the Joey work. It will safely lift mobility devices weighing up to 159kg into your vehicle.

The optional tie-downs can be attached when the mobility device is on the outside of the vehicle. For best ergonomics, raise the platform to a comfortable working height.



A beacon in the night.
The world can be a dark place, with the Joey Lift you will at least have decent working lights. Both the platform and the hand control are illuminated, making it easy to see and operate the Joey Lift in dim lit garages or during the night.


Hand Control
Decisions, decisions.
Either you’re going in or you’re going out. Controlling the Joey Lift isn’t harder than making a choice and sticking with it. The hand control itself is encased in durable rubber, making it both grip friendly and durable. It has a weight that feels, just right.

An integrated magnet in the hand control ensures it is never out of reach for you. Paired with an adhesive metal disk it can be placed almost anywhere in the car.


Safety barrier
Stopping power.
The Joey lift and its mounting brackets have passed a wide number of tests. They are both pull and crash tested to a 30 G equivalent. In the event of a crash, the industry exclusive safety barrier, will prevent your mobility device from entering the passenger area.


Take your Joey to go.
If you decide that you want a new car, you can take your Joey Lift with you. As long as the Joey Lift fits in your new car, it’s a pretty simple procedure of moving it from your old to your new one. The Joey donor vehicle can then be restored, keeping its resale value.



Platform width 710 mm
Platform length 990-1090 mm
Overall height 794 mm
Overall width 993-1099 mm
Overall length 1113 mm
Floor to ground 876 mm



Weight capacity 159 kg
Unit weight 92 kg



Voltage 12 V
Current 30 A



Cycle test approved (10.000)  
Crash test approved  
Climate test approved  
EMC test approved