New products available in Q2!

Elap V40X  Wheelchair/Scooter Hoist

New design features:

  •  Includes handset
  • Simplified double fold away system
  •  Adjustable base height 20mm to 180mm
  •  Great for vehicles with false floors
  •  Reduced footprint for vehicles with limited boot space



Elap Electric Boot Opener 

Key features:

  • Optional foot sensor
  • Operation can be installed into vehicle key fob on certain vehicles
  • Can be programmed to stop a set height
  • Manual override
  • Intelligent anti pinch protection


Elap Bumper Protector

Vehicle bumper protector to protect against scuffs and scratches which can be caused when loading and unloading your vehicle.


Elap CG Lock Seat belt Stabilizer

Significantly improves your seat belt to add comfort, enhanced safety, reduced muscle fatigue and better driver control.