Pedal Modifications


A well proven pedal system highly adjustable to your personal preferences.

autoadapt_menox_pedals_flipupFlip-Up model
The Menox Left foot accelerator and the original accelerator are equipped with a hinge allowing for the desired pedal to be gently pushed into place while the other can be neatly tucked away.


autoadapt_menox_pedals_quick-releaseQuick Release model
The Menox Left foot accelerator Quick Release was developed to control the car’s original accelerator with the left foot. The Left foot accelerator is compatible with vehicles driven from either the right or left side of the vehicle. The Menox pedal is universal and can be installed into most makes and models.


autoadapt_menox_pedals_ministampPedal Extensions
The Menox Stamp Extension brings the original pedals closer and can be installed into both automatic and manual vehicles. Adjustments can be made for distance, height and the desired space between pedals. They are also fit with a quick release, to be easily removed.


autoadapt_menox_pedals_stamp-extensionMini Stamp
The Menox Mini Stamp provides an extension of 3-9 cm (1-3 in). The ease of movement allows for the pedal to be lowered into place and tucked away when not in use. Models are developed for both automatic and manual vehicles.


autoadapt_menox_pedals_pedalguardPedal Guard
The Menox Pedal Guard protects the pedals from being engaged when a Carospeed Menox Hand Control is used. It has a floormounted quick release, for a quick removal.