Turny® Low Vehicle


Our brand new swivel seat allows you to choose vehicles that were previously impossible to adapt.

By utilising previously unused space in the vehicle, we have designed a product that will fit in a wider range of vehicles, provide excellent leg space and head space as well as vastly increased seating comfort.

With the Turny Low Vehicle we have made a giant leap closer to allowing you to choose a car based on your desires and not your needs.

Key Features

  • Meets and exceeds current directives
  • Increased head space
  • Significantly increased leg space
  • Fits in more car models
  • Completely new design
  • Improved seating comfort
  • Optimized interior space through ability to program

The completely new design takes seating comfort to a new level.


By backing up the seat halfway through the swivel process we free up valuable space for your legs and feet. This is one of the key features that make it possible to choose vehicles that previously have been considered too small and narrow.

autoadapt_turnylv_rextension2 autoadapt_turnylv_rextension3

All the way out … 

In comparison to other swivel seats such as the Turnout the Turny Low Vehicle will bring you roughly 15 to 25 centimetres further out. These extra centimetres can mean a lot when it comes to making the transfer to a wheelchair or standing up.


autoadapt_turnylv_remoteUser friendly

The intuitive remote makes it easy for both you or your carer to control the Turny Low Vehicle. Whether you’re swivelling out or just doing a simple comfort adjustment inside the vehicle, the remote will light up colour coded buttons with the available options. Green means GO and red means NO. It’s nearly impossible to do something wrong and besides if you press a red button nothing happens.

During the installation the vehicle adaptation technician will program a custom path, optimised for you and your car.




autoadapt_turny-low-vehicle-lutning-4-graderInclination of 4 degrees, one hundred percent improvement. 

Much like any car seat but unlike any swivel seat, the Turny Low Vehicle is installed in a 4 degree inclination. This gives you a much better seating comfort. Given this is the position where you will spend 99 percent of your time in your car we rated it quite high on our wish list. But the inclined installation works for that final percent of the time as well. During the swivel process your body will lean towards the B-pillar, placing your head at the highest part of the vehicle door.


Offset design

To bring the seat even closer to the B-pillar during the swivel process the entire product is given an offset design. Together with the ReXtension, the offset design gives you a dramatically increased leg space and a much less troublesome ride in to and out of the vehicle.