16 Inch Carony

Transfer from wheelchair to car seat without lifting.

Go anywhere!
The Carony is about being able to go places, to do things and to be spontaneous. It will give any user and their carer more independence. It’s freedom to go wherever you wish and to be more active. Everyday things, like shopping or spur of the moment things, like having a picnic by the sea.





What does the Carony do?
Transferring without lifting.
The Carony is a system that lets you transfer from wheelchair to car seat without lifting. It takes away all the difficult, heavy and dangerous parts of the transfer. It’s as safe and comfortable as a standard car seat and it’s as versatile and easy to use as a transport wheelchair.


Who is the Carony for?
Users, Carers, Couples, Children, Parents.
If you’re a wheelchair user and have trouble doing the transfer by yourself. If you’re a carer and lifting your partner, parent or child, between wheelchair and car seat is difficult or impossible. Then the Carony might be the thing you need.

It can also be about being able to staying together. For users and carers that live together, there are many aids to help them manage independently at home. The Carony extends that independence to include the family car. The Carony is an extension of that independence that will take you as far as you’re willing to drive.


What is required from me?
Sit or push.
As a user, the Carony lets you do the transfer with very little effort, in fact all you need to do is stay seated.

As a carer you don’t even have to be very strong to transfer a heavy person. If you can push a wheelchair with a person in it, then you can use the Carony.


How do I use it?
Swivel, dock and slide.
That’s about it. Three simple steps to transfer from wheelchair to car seat, without lifting.

In the car we have a swivel base that you dock with the Carony wheelchair. Once you’ve docked the Carony to the swivel base, you slide the seat with the user from the wheel base onto the swivel base. You disconnect the wheel base, and swivel in.

You have now transferred from wheelchair to car and you’re sitting in a regular car seat. Just be sure to wear the car’s original seat belt before you enjoy the ride.

Of course you need to bring the wheel base along and since it is quite easy to handle and relatively light weight, put it in the trunk. If you have trouble lifting you can use a wheelchair hoist.




The System.
In short the Carony system consists of three parts: the seat, the wheel base and the swivel base. Together with the wheelbase the seat will become a standard transport wheelchair. Together with the swivel base the seat becomes a tested and approved car seat. This means anyone, wheelchair user or not, can sit up front in the Carony seat, use the car’s original seat belt and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.





The BIG features.
The Carony’s purpose is to make it easy to transfer from wheelchair to car seat. However you will likely spend far more time seated in the Carony than you are doing transfers. That’s why usability and comfort were in focus when designing and adding features to the Carony.

Combine these features with our seating accessories to make the Carony a very comfortable car seat and wheelchair. For anyone, regardless of individual needs.