Partner Companies

Elap has joined forces with two of Europe’s leading car adaptation manufacturers, for people with reduced or limited mobility – Fadiel and Kivi.


Elap is the sole distributor for Kivi products in the UK and Ireland. Kivi provide their products throughout Europe, Australia, Israel and New Zealand. This is what makes Kivi the market leader in electronic driving devices.

Elap is the sole distributor for Fadiel Seating Solutions in the UK and Ireland. Fadiel is a dynamic company that has been able to adapt the production of its own driving systems for the disabled to the most modern and advanced technologies available. From the 90s to today, driving systems have undergone continuous developments and Fadiel has been a forerunner for many innovations in Seating Solutions. Fadiel’s designers now look toward an objective, not only focusing on the functionality and high safety standards, but also taking ergonomics, aesthetics and practicality into account. This is made possible by the industrialisation of the production system and the extension of the composite materials they use.

Elap work with a number of approved partner companies. Discover our interactive map of partners below:

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