Elap Rotating Car Seat

The Elap Rotating Car Seat is a manual swivel seat which enables users to transfer onto the car seat whilst it is rotated up to 90 degrees outside the vehicle.

Once sat on the seat the user simply pulls the lever to release the seat from the locked position. Once released the user can manually rotate the seat inside the vehicle with ease.

The Elap Rotating Car Seat is as safe and comfortable as a standard car seat and can be installed into the front passenger or driver position of many vehicles. 

Additional comforts such as arm rests, neck roll supports and posture support belts are also available.

The unique compact design means the install makes no permanent alteration to the vehicle floor allowing for the OEM seat to be re-installed if required.

Key features:

  • Bespoke design for each make and model of car
  • No permanent modification to the vehicle
  • As comfortable as a standard car seat
  • Easy to operate
  • Manual recline
  • Optional extras available such as armrests, neck rolls and posture belts
  • Flammability test approved
  • Discrete design which blends in with car interiors