Kivi LT12 Slider Vertical Hand Control


The new LT12 hand control enables people with disabilities to both legs and possibly to one or both arms to drive safely.

It allows people to manage acceleration and braking using just their hands. It can be installed in cars with automatic and progressive transmission and power-assisted steering.

This hand control, fitted to the inside of the dashboard, leaves the design of the cabin unchanged, does not affect the airbag opening, does not prevent access to the driving controls and does not limit nominated drivers to using the original car controls.

The hand control consists of a downwards push brake lever and a slider. By pulling the slider towards you, using your index and middle finger, you accelerate. Push the lever downwards and you brake.

Key features

  • Easy Acceleration by pulling the slider and easy braking by pushing the lever
  • Available with two or six buttons to give additional functionality
  • Includes horn and hill holder
  • Can include auxiliary functions such as indicators, lights and windscreen wipers
  • Safety system cuts acceleration when braking