NEW Kivi Hand Controls available now


The new Slider Vertical Hand Controls enables people with disabilities to both legs and possibly to one or both their arms to drive safely. The hand control consists of a downwards push brake lever and a slider: by pulling the slider towards yourself using your index and middle finger, you accelerate, while pushing the lever downwards, you brake.

There is also auxiliary functions available according to the drivers needs, these include, horn, indicators, lights and windscreen wipers.

The Slider hand controls are car specific and usually fitted to the right side of the steering wheel.



slider 2

The CT12 Slider Hand Control is similar to the LT12 but it is operated using a different motion. The CT12 Slider consists of a brake lever with a horizontal push and a slider: by pushing the lever to the dashboard while you brake, while by moving the slider outwards with the thumb you will accelerate. The auxiliary functions are also available.


Both of these hand controls are on the Motability Scheme!

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