Perspex Protection Screen

** Perspex Protection Screens are an ideal solution to improve the safety conditions of drivers and passengers. The screens provide a safety shield to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Perfect when having to share a vehicle with non-members of your household, the screens can provide extra peace of mind whilst still allowing communication. **

Perspex Protection Screen designed with driver safety in mind!

Drivers can be at higher risk of physical distractions when carrying passengers with special needs or disabilities.

  • Various bespoke options available
  • Available for taxi’s, minibuses, WAV’s and private vehicles
  • Stylish, flexible and adaptable
  • Designed for protection
  • Made from high impact-resistant PETg or polycarbonate plastic
  • The impact resistant plastic used in manufacture conforms to rigorous ISO / EU testing
  • ¬†Simple to install and with quick release fittings for easy transfer to another vehicle
  • There are no screws or bolts into the fabric of the vehicle. All belts and fittings are on the inside of the shields with nothing visible which can be¬†interfered with by rear seat passengers